Facial Rejuvenation

Why opt for mesotherapy?

~ In aesthetic medicine mesotherapy is an ideal treatment for refreshment and rejuvenation. It is the most successful non-surgical aesthetic medicine method in the world.
Mesotherapy involves injecting small doses of cocktails that are made from natural substances, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic substances and lipolytic through micro needles in the middle layer of the skin mesoderm, because in this part are the capillaries that delivered nutrients and oxygen, and deport disintegrate metabolic products, there are also collagen and elastic fibers. The goal of mesotherapy is to stimulate cell activity, improve microcirculation, increase muscle tone, feeding, filling fine lines and preventing future wrinkles.
In adulthood or even earlier, your skin would be grateful for the little care. Mesotherapy treatment is extremely useful, as stand-alone or in combination with other treatments. Skin aging is considered a degenerative process, and after the age of 30 occur many changes: reducing the amount of collagen, elastin in the middle layer of the skin, then the tone or tightness of the skin, sebaceous glands “work” intensive. There are many factors that contribute to aging skin – sun, bad eating habits (caffeine reduces the synthesis of collagen), smoking and genetic heritage. Facial mesotherapy is useful for people of all ages. Improves the overall appearance of the facial skin, and is suitable for the skin of smokers, against acne, oily and seborrheic skin and those damaged by sunbathing.
Mesotherapy is contraindicated (it’s not) for clients suffering from skin cancer, which often have problems with skin infections or active acne.
Effects are visible immediately after the treatment:

  • Skin is fresh
  • hydrated
  • Bright and shining


  • Represent Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid in the form of a gel. Hyaluronic acid is a component of every organism and over 50% of hyaluronic acid of any organism is found in the skin
  • Hyaluronic acid is non-animal origin and unique technology products are in accordance with the highest safety standards. Gels are absolutely clean, controlled and very well tolerated after application.
  • The essence of treatment of fillers to compensate the amount of hyaluronic acid during the aging process disappears.
  • The effect of hyaluronic fillers has a limited shelf life of 6 months to a year.
  • This is the treatment of choice for men and women, who care about their beautiful appearance.
  • The treatment is safe and painless and the result is immediately visible.
  • Treatment for natural and youthful appearance – without risk and that is the main reason why hyaluronic fillers are an extremely popular around the world.

A relatively painless procedure, fillers can:

  • Visibly reduce wrinkles
  • Increase the volume of lips
  • Alleviate dark circles
  • Improve the contours of your face
  • Your face back gloss, natural charm


Hyaluronic fillers are the best solution for those who want to remove deep wrinkles from the face, but do not want to have a surgical intervention. They are the right choice for both men and women who want to resist the aging process. Fillers can be achieved completely natural and youthful appearance of the face which is one of the reasons for their popularity worldwide. Fillers are also safe, no surgical treatment which can achieve alleviation of scars on the skin while complementing the collagen structure beneath the skin, apply to different skin types.
Results of hyaluronic fillers are immediately visible and long lasting but not lifelong. Depending on skin type, treatment zone and age, the effect lasts for 6-12 months. Treatments can be repeated after a few months to achieve optimal and long-term effect. Longevity depends on the surface treatment, injection techniques and your skin type. The result is a natural and fresh look. Hyaluronic fillers intensively moisturise the skin and restore luster, tone and elasticity of the tired and dehydrated skin. Affect the regeneration of creating a new schism which significantly slows down the aging process of the skin further.

WHAT IS TREATMENT Hyaluronic fillers?

The procedure is very simple. It only takes one visit to carry out a treatment of removing wrinkles hyaluronan for a period of 15-45 min. Hyaluronic fillers are injected directly into the skin in small amounts using a local anesthetic. Upon completion of the injection of the skin usually are not visible signs of irritation or present mild redness at the injection site, which passes in a few hours. After treating persons with higher amounts of hyaluronan may arise bruising to the smaller island. The redness usually disappears after a few hours until the swelling and bruises are usually subside within a few days.