Waterpik douche is an oral rinse for oral mucosal and surfaces of the teeth.
Easy and effective for everyday use and hygiene in your home.
It is clinically proven that the Waterpik oral irigator is more efficient than regular floss in maintaining dental hygiene and health. Easily adapts to each user and is easy to handle.

works on the principle of a pulsating water pressure. The amount of pressure, if necessary, set to the apparatus so that the water through special extensions removes bacteria and food debris deep between teeth and gums, where the end of the brush is not available. Massage water pressure stimulates blood circulation which makes the right to healthy and strong.

WHY Waterpik?
~ Waterpik irigator helps every user on your way to healthy teeth, radiant smile and fresh breath. It is one of the fastest, most effective and easiest ways to reduce plaque, thereby preventing gum disease, the formation of tartar and caries.
Clinical studies show that Waterpik technology removes up to 99.9% of plaque from the tooth surface by only 3 seconds treatment. In respect of tartar, Waterpik is 50% efficient in reducing inflammation and improve gum health. Its use is essential in the case of implants, crowns, bridges, orthodontic appliances, or in the case of gingivitis, bleeding gums, pulling the gums (periodontal disease), or periodontal pockets. In combination with a brush, use of oral irrigators gives perfect results in maintaining oral health.


Orthodontic appliances significantly complicate the maintenance of oral hygiene. Clean the area around the teeth and brackets for just one minute to the waterpik oral douche and ortho resume specifically for braces. One minute and over.

~ Implants and prosthetic works
Waterpik proved to be excellent for people with implants, crowns and bridges. Just like for your natural teeth, you need to take care of the cleanliness of implants, crowns and bridges. Plaque and bacteria that form around implants can cause inflammation known as periimplantitis. Daily
cleaning all surfaces above and below the gum line is very important.

~ Gingival recession and periodontal POCKETS
It is common for people who have been treated for periodontal disease to have some residual pockets. The biggest problem creates daily cleaning. Traditional methods such as brushing, flossing and rinsing, are limited to how much it can reach deep into his pockets.
To improve the cleaning of periodontal pockets, waterpik oral use.