Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry covers a collection of various dental treatments, modern cosmetic dentistry techniques, modern materials.
Thanks to continuous professional development and monitoring of global trends in dentistry, we will recommend you the best solution for your health or aesthetic problem in accordance with your requirements and possibilities.
Years of experience, high expertise and latest generation of materials guarantee the success of the
durability of our work.


We provide the following aesthetic dentistry treatments:

  • teeth whitening
    This is a procedure that is in the domain of cosmetic dentistry. Include the removal of various discoloration and stains from the tooth surface, while the tooth color becomes lighter. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can significantly improve the appearance of teeth, without much inconvenience and without damaging teeth and gums.
    The most common are offered two types of teeth whitening:

    • Chairside bleaching
    • Home bleaching

    Both procedures were based on the use of a gel, a hydrogen peroxide solution (hydrogel), or urea-peroxide. Both methods guarantee perfect whitening. Tooth whitening effects usually last for 1-2 years, depending on the base color of the teeth, and the everyday habits of the individual. However, only one treatment repeated bleaching will recover the initial result.

  • Veneers
    veneers are thin ceramic or composite forms that are bonded to the tooth surface. They can be made of different materials, but the most common one is ceramics because it is strong enough and has a natural look. The difference between ceramic crowns and veneers is that the latter grinds only the front surface of teeth. Ceramic veneers solve the aesthetic shortcomings of the tooth, while ceramic crowns resolve functionality too.
  • Putting dental jewelry
    One of the latest trends of cosmetic dentistry is placing dental jewelry. Dental jewelry is designed for more beautiful appearance, highlighting the teeth, the smile has a stylish and glamorous look.
  • Composite fillings
    by composite fillings teeth can be repaired, but also beautify the front and side teeth without grinding. Modern materials allow us to obtain high aesthetic effect of using the entire color spectrum. The use of composite materials that have made significant progress in recent years, it is possible to do a composite seal which will be an ideal fit in the shape and color of natural teeth or replace old amalgam fillings that is aesthetically and functionally obsolete.
  • Teeth aligning
    orthodontic braces are the best choice for correcting irregular position of the teeth. Using them to prosper in a functional, health and in the aesthetic sense. Even and white teeth are certain result of the braces therapy.
  • Metal free crowns
    all-ceramic crowns or ceramic crowns represent the kind of high aesthetic compensations entirely made of ceramic. They can mimic the natural characteristics of teeth and light transmission as a natural tooth. Metal-free ceramic crowns are an ideal fit in the dental arch, especially in situations that do not compensate for all the teeth, but only some of them and they can not be distinguished. They are made of bio-compatible material which means that they do not cause any reaction of the surrounding tissue, but also enable the creation of the gum around natural teeth as well. They represent a blend of superior quality and durability of restorations
  • Metallo-ceramic crowns
    metal-ceramic crown is fixed prosthetic restoration necessary when a tooth is severely destructed and it can not be restored by fillings, it is also used on two or more teeth in order to compensate for the lost teeth and then we talk about metal-ceramic bridge, which consists of a crown on holders and members or crowns to replace lost teeth. The build tooth is necessary to pre-grind in order to it could set a rosary. After sanding, we take imprint of the remaining part of the tooth, according to which the crown is made in laboratories. To create a crown is needed 3-5 days, during which time the patient is placed temporary crown. In the final stage, the crown is cemented on the brushed teeth and their joining results in a completely natural look. Metal-ceramic crowns are an excellent solution for teeth with many fillings defective and large, provide a long-term and highly aesthetic solution improves the shape and appearance of teeth, can last up to 15 years (the life of the fees associated with the fracture, failure of the tooth, or gum disease)

It is encouraging that all these interventions are without discomfort and pain, and over there is really no reason to postpone the beautification of teeth.

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