Dental Tourism

What does dental tourism offer? The main reason for dental tourism in Serbia is saving money with high quality dental services at prices as much as 50% or more lower than at most of the countries of Europe or in America. Serbian dentists are highly trained, using the latest technology and offer a warranty on all treatment methods and materials used.

Our arrangements: Your treatment begins by simply sending ortopan x-ray image and your ideas dental treatments by email. We then send you a few offers dental treatments as well as completing the remaining free time.

Travel: booking offer low-cost air transportation, for which there are regular flights to Belgrade airport. We can make the booking for you. Upon exiting the plane vehicle is waiting for you and take you to the clinics at the first consultative examination. We also recommend taking a rent-a-car vehicles.

Residential: we recommend you to stay in a nearby relax center Marex specialized for physical medicine.

Other: upon arrival we will provide you a local mobile network card so that we can be in constant contact and as far as free time, we will give you advice on which places you should not miss.