Dentistry Jovicic

Jovičić Dentistry in Pančevo-Serbia is a modern Dental Clinic which offers General Dentistry as well as Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontic Treatments (Teeth Straightening). Our fees are significant lower than average Serbian dentistry fees and comparing to other European dentistry it is almost for free. We specialize in low cost high quality dental implant treatments

Teeth shaders

Equipment and Facilities: With the motto that the best recommendation highest quality service, our office constantly monitors global trends in the field of dental technology and offer a guarantee on all methods of treatment and the materials used. Some of them are GC Gradia Direct3M ESPE Supreme Ultra, VDW Mtwo system, Dentsply Maillefer  used by the most prominent dental clinics in the world. Of course, all procedures were escorted from the strict control of disinfection and sterilization by international standards. We provide a wide range of services so that our patients can all be done at one place with free preview for implants and orthodontics.

Intraoral digital x-ray

Intraoral digital X-rays: since 2008, our office provides a recording tooth advanced technology with reduced radiation dose by 90 percent compared to the X-ray film processing chemicals. This system offers a fast and comfortable way of making recordings for a few seconds, the image is obtained on the monitor with the possibility of processing and magnification of some important parts of the treatment plan. The recordings are stored in an electronic database with the possibility of simply sending over the Internet.

Special offer: the service of teeth whitening, home treatments with individual molds and gel as well as the surgery one hour treatment, commonly recommended and revitalize the face and lips, hyaluronic acid preparations and mesotherapy same. In addition, we recommend replacement of amalgam fillings with composite materials, nano-technology in the color of your teeth in order to get a complete harmony of the smile and face.